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More than 20 years of experience in international trade.

We provide our customers with specific import and export know-how through our business platforms in Brazil, Asia, Europe, and the USA.

Akon International

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Akon International

ABOUT/ Akon International

Akon International is a company of Brazilian origin, with more than seventeen years of experience in international trade. We make available to our clients specific know-how in import and export, through our business platforms in Brazil, Asia, Europe, and the USA.

A reference in solutions for international trade, due to the transparency of our work and to our experience in doing business in an increasingly globalized world, Akon International has conquered the reliability of both global and local clients, who have found in our company an ethical, responsible, and credible partner to conduct their businesses.

With a team of highly qualified and committed professionals, we provide the development of the entire service chain, which involves both the remittance and the acquisition of goods.

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Consulting & Advisory Services
on Importing and Exporting

Our goal is to assist our clients in becoming more and more competitive in their international trade operations.


We have a network of trained and certified agents on all continents, which allows us to offer the best cost-effective logistics solution for your operation

Feasibility Study
Import and Export Feasibility Study

This is a specific study to analyze whether it is feasible for your company to export or import. The economic and financial feasibility, investment analysis, as well as inventorying the legal and administrative requirements for a chosen market niche will be analyzed.

Trading Company

This service allows Akon International to act as an intermediary between the importer and the exporter. The main advantages that your company will have with this contracting will be

More fluid communication:
You will count on professionals who communicate in several languages and culture.

Access to the supplier network:

We have a wide contact network that will connect you with the right people and companies.

Cost reduction:
Hiring a trading company requires a lower cost compared to hiring a team just to take care of your company's imports and exports.

Export More

It is a program that will prepare your company to export, all of this, in a structured and sustainable way. With Exporta Mais, your company will have

International Visibility:
Through, our advisory in events such as fairs, business meetings, business rounds.

Your company will feature among the best and this will generate an absolute value to your brand.

By generating an added value to your brand image consequently you increase your profit margin, it is the marketing behind the international trade acting in favor of the exporter.


Count on the best solutions in international trade with a company that has specific know-how in the area. Contact us for more details.

International Experience

We participate in fairs, business rounds and international events exhibiting products and developing clients, with a view to future export processes

Commercial Representation

Akon International can assist both Brazilian companies that want to open new markets and foreign companies that want to enter the Brazilian market

Akon International

Why partner with us?

Akon International has the best solutions for your business when it comes to international trade. Don't let the opportunities pass you by! Get to know our services and schedule a meeting!

Virtual Fair

We make available a specialized business team to search for suppliers at the fair of your choice and make reports with all the information necessary to conduct negotiations, without the need for you to travel.

Specialized Team

We have a network of trained and certified agents on all continents, which allows us to offer an efficient service, regardless of the origin or destination of the goods, as well as the best cost/benefit logistics solution for your operation.

Global Sourcing

We seek and find suppliers and buyers for your products through our own offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia


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